Narrabeen gorge at dawn // Sydney, Australia


I probably should have written the title with inverted commas like “Narrabeen Gorge” because the gorge isn’t a place you will find on any tourist map. It’s actually on the rock platform right near North Narrabeen rock pool. There’s a drain (stormwater pipe?) in the rock pool that leads to the ocean and it daylights through the rock platform itself and where it does it has formed a rock feature that looks like a gorge. I don’t think the drain has formed the gorge, engineers were probably lazy and used the path of least resistance to get the pipe to the ocean and that’s what happened. You also have to get your timing right as depending on the tide and swell conditions the gorge can underwater.

This is a 3 second long exposure at dawn, just before sunrise, looking straight out to sea. It was my first time shooting the gorge and wont be my last.


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