Dusk over the rooftops of Rome // Rome, Italy


It was dusk as we headed back to our accommodation, which in winter is quite early. The route back to the Spanish Steps was elevated, which allowed us to take in the rooftop scenery that is Rome. I took this photograph from the Terrazza del Pincio. The golden glow of sunset complementing the orange brown terracotta tiles. I wanted this caption to include the name of the church as I like my captions to let people know what they’re looking at. Unfortunately, on this occasion I am not going to be able to do that. Not because I don’t know where the photograph was taken or what direction I was facing but because there are over 900 churches in Rome and you guessed it, a lot of them look the same. There are three domes visible in the left-hand side of this image and they all look similar the me. Apparently Rome is the world capital of churches.


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