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"Narrabeen gorge at dawn // Sydney, Australia" stock image

Narrabeen gorge at dawn // Sydney, Australia

Another long exposure photograph of Narrabeen gorge. This was my first time shooting the gorge and not intentionally. I woke early one Saturday morning and headed down to North Narrabeen to photograph the rock pool over the transition from dawn to daybreak. I arrived just in time to meet 50 of my closest friends. I exaggerate however I wasn’t alone and there was a cast of thousands that all had the same idea. As I didn’t want to fight for position by the rock pool I took off in front of them and stumbled across the rock feature, which I later found out was known as the gorge. This is a 1 second long exposure just after sunrise, looking straight out to sea. It was my first time shooting the gorge and won’t be my last. I have plans to return on the future, I just need to do some planning, you know, work out the tide and swell conditions, where’s the sun going to rise, is it a weekend, do I really want to get out of bed early.

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