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"Ever changing conditions off Long Reef Headland // Sydney, Austr" stock image

Ever changing conditions off Long Reef Headland // Sydney, Austr

Long Reef Headland is possibly the most prominent coastal feature along Sydney’s Northern Beaches jutting out a good 500 m or so into the Tasman Sea. The adjoining foreshore, beaches and dunes are part of a wildlife protection area. The geology of the headland and adjoining rock platform is a unique mix of chocolate shales, claystones and ironstones. At low tide you can walk across much of the rock platform, just don’t get caught by the incoming tide. This afternoon I just needed to get out with the camera, its one of those times you know the conditions won’t be ‘perfect’ but you go with it anyway. I found this spot near the edge of the rock platform looking out to sea, set up my gear and just waited for the waves to come crashing in. This is a half second exposure one sunny afternoon.

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